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Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 5(a)

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 5(a)

New SHORT post. Just to get to the next part i had to write this.
Gonna post the next part very soon maybe tomorrow or the day after.


I needed to go back to my parents. it just hit me that ever since we came back I spent no time with them, and right now I really needed my mom. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror I die a little inside. Looking in the mirror and seeing a part that isn't you .. freaky enough.

Hanouf: wait. at least have dinner with us.
Muna: I really can't I'm sorry. We'll meet up some time soon. After all I'm only at grandpa's.
Hanouf: ok fine *hugs her*


Um Omar: Muna!!
Muna: heeyy.
Um Omar: you.. you removed it already! you look different sweety. umm...
I started tearing up. i don't know why.
Um omar .. hugging her daughter: ohhh my little girl.. why are you crying? its okay.
Muna: ....
Um Omar: come on. you look just fine its not that bad trust me. does it hurt?
Muna: you're just saying that because you don't want me to feel bad.
Um Omar: No im not dear. How could you say that? I can promise you, you look just as good. And its only one part of your cheek.
Muna: Ouch! don't touch it.
Um Omar: oops sorry .. we need to make an appointment with a doctor asap.
Muna: I'm going upstairs.

I hurried up to my new room and covered up all the mirrors with newspaper. No.. i don't need to see myself like this anymore.

Omar: Muna! come down. dinner is ... omg muna
Muna: Stop it! I don't need you to tell me I look different. its pretty obvious I know i look different.
Omar: gosh chill! i was gonna say its not as bad as we thought it would be. whats wrong with you? I'm gonna tell mom you're giving me attitude.
Muna: ugh.

Following day..

I woke up feeling extremely hungry. Right after omar left my room yesterday I slept like a little baby.

Bu Omar: Good morning sweety
Muna: Good morning dad and grandpa .. where's mom?
Bu Omar: she went to the Mall with omar to get some stuff for him. He told me to tell you he wants you to take his wii from your bag.
Muna: ohh ..
Grandpa: come dear have some breakfast.
Bu Omar: how are you feeling today? your mom told me you're becoming really sensitive about your cheek and its just fine .. right dad?
Grandpa: yeah. you look just as pretty hun.
Bu Omar: you need to get over it sweety. its not the end of the world
Muna .. sitting at the table: I'm gonna get there dad don't worry.

Dads phone ringing.

Muna: who is it?
Bu Omar: I don't know lemme see. aloo. w3laikm elsalam. haih ana raylha ...........

I saw my dads eyes open widely and the phone slowly slipping away.

grandpa: whats going on?
Bu Omar .. in a calm voice: I need to leave.
Muna: leave where?
Bu Omar .. in a loud voice: Muna! I'm not in the mood right now.
Muna: DAD! tell me whats wrong.

a tear escaped dads eyes.

Bu Omar: your mom made an accident. They're at the hospital now.
Muna: WHAT? what do you mean? are they ok!?
Bu Omar .. grabbing his car key: I don't know!!!
Muna: I'm coming with you.

During the ride. I was very optimistic that they were fine. its most probably just a slight accident. Mom has been through one once before and nothing bad really happened. But dad was the total opposite and that was making me really worried.

By the time we reached the hospital. I saw the nurse covering my moms face. MY MOMS FACE. What does that mean? huh? There's no way my mom is leaving me now!

Muna: MOOOOOOOOM!! No mom! no you aren't leaving me not yet. no no no. mama I'm muna can you hear me? come on lets go home please.
Nurse: sweety ..
Muna: NO! Mom answer me come on? stop ignoring me!!!! you know I hate it when you do that. yalla lets go mom. Dad tell her we need to go home.

I turned around to dad who was by the door standing like a statue with fixed eyes on mom. he didn't say a word nor did he react. He was just standing there trying to absorb what had just happened.

It was then when I realized Omar on the next bed right next to mom. Covered as well!
I wiped my tears and walked to him.
Muna: 3amooor ! 3amoor c'mon wake up. did you finish buying stuff from the mall? answer me!! you said you wanted to play wii right. come on lets go home. I promise ill play with you for as long as you want. yalla ANSWER ME!! PLEASE JUST SAY ONE WORD.

Nurse: sweety you can't do this to yourself. They won't answer you you know that.
Muna ... crying: SHUT UP! you think they won't answer me but they will OKAY? they will...... Om-Omar was excited for starting school here and he will go to school. do you understand!?
*pulling omars hand* come on lets go Omar! LETS GO!!!!

Thats when my dad came closer and parted me from Omar's hand.
Bu Omar: STOP IT!!!
Tears started drifting from his eyes.
Muna: NOOO they're coming with us home. right dad? right they will come?

He ignored me and walked to mom. He kissed her on the forehead and started whispering something to her ear.
A couple of minutes later my uncle arrived and he pulled us both out of the room.


I hate killing people :( but i had to
wait for the next part .. i promise it'll be interesting.


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New or Old?


So since "Its fate that got us here" is one year and i-don't-know-how-many-months old. 
im gonna make it up to you guys to choose whether i should continue it or start a new one with no absences. hopefully!
I don't mind continuing it and i don't mind starting a new one cuz i've got an idea.
BUT. its your decision!

So VOTE! .. Old or New?

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'ello ..anyone?

hello there
im surprisingly back 
i know its been forever since i was last on here...but I'm back..i guess.
Im so sorry i was busy with my senior year and all that and then i found out i forgot the email address i used with this blog. oops. 
well i recovered it today .. but! is there still people here?
it seems like a lot of bloggers are either inactive or deleted their blogs .. yeah I'm not any better i know!

If there is anyone still checking up on my blog please do inform me and ill make it up to you ^^
i promise :D

Ciao for now.

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Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 4

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 4

Im wondering where did all the story writer bloggers disapper to ;_;

anyways.. this post goes to all my followers, active and silent readers. Especially 7ano(L)



The following day I sleptover at Hanouf's house with maitha ofcourse.
They wanted to take me shopping for some school stuff, so after sunset we headed to The Dubai Mall.

Maitha: bs t3bt! lets go to chocolate bar.
Hanouf: no im not done yet.
Maitha: I thought we're here to shop for Muna not you!
Hanouf: shutup I need a new bag
Maitha : Ok we'll look for one later.. please im hungry
Muna: Hungry and you want chocolate bar -.-
Maitha: yeah im craving chocolate fondue.
Hanouf: pfft fine

We headed to Chocolate bar. It was overcrowded there but lucky us we managed to find a table.

Hanouf: uff I hate coming here during holidays.
Maitha: I love it! you get to see all sorts of people and ofcourse make fun of them
Muna: Maitha you're one evil girl
Hanouf: OMG OMG look its Khalid !
Maitha : wain wain!?
Muna: Muh you guys are lifeless
Hanouf: omg wyaaah hathak elguy o.o
Maitha : ay guy
Hanouf: elly yals y6ala3na
Maitha : laish khalid ma y6ala3na
Muna: 5ala9 they left sktoo!
Hanouf: hal guy mal elmazra3a!
Muna: ay mzra3a
Hanouf: elly chftah fl mazra3a yom ento wadartoony
Maitha : omg hanouf rab3eeh w tws6aily 3nd khalid =))
Hanouf: shutup!



Yousef: balak wgaft
Khalid: a7s shay ...

Yousef: shay shu?

Khaild: madry yom 6fna hnak .. i felt something

Yousef: wain hnak

Khalid: 3nd chocolate bar I think

Yousef: ok .. umm what did you feel

Khalid : i dont know .. something weird

Yousef: hmmm ..

Khalid: lets go back



Hanouf: yalla maitho 5ala9ty lets leave

Maitha : uff ok ... the bill please

Muna: yalla

and we headed to look for a bag for hanouf.


Back in chocolate bar

Yousef: ha ? shu?

Khalid: i dont feel anything now

Yousef: khalood enta daloo3

Khalid: wallah it was something very weird

Yousef: you're weird! it must be because you're tired may59a in a place!

Khalid: ok whatever lets go.



Back at Hanoufs.

Om Hanouf: laih ktha t2a5arto banat?

Maitha: 5alo hay bntch .. 3fanallah sa3a ti5tar

Hanouf: bs 5atht shay wa7d enzain

Om hanouf: elmhm marra thanya mab'3a ta25eer

Hanouf: enshala

Om hanouf: enshallah etwanasti ya Muna?

Muna: haih el7mdella :)

Hanouf: yalla nro7 fog

Muna: umm hanouf is there a place by your house I could go jogging early in the morning

Hanouf: shay park hnee 3nd elba7ar.. a great place to jog.

Maitha: wake me up when you go .. i need to lose a few kilos

Hanouf: ashk enty btnsheen

Maitha: i will enzain !

*knock* *knock*

Hanouf: who is it?

3bdullah: ana 3bdullah

Maitha wore her shaila

Hanouf: halla?

3bdullah : did you by any chance take my laptop?

Hanouf: umm no

3bdullah: ohh halla muna how are you?

Muna : el7mdellah b5air

3bdullah: ...Maitha sh7alch?

Maitha : ..... b-b5air

3abdullah : ok 5ala9 .. goodnight girls

Hanouf+Muna: goodnight

Maitha : uffff

Muna: whats wrong?

Maitha : nothing
Muna: Maitho.. enough, you cant act like this towards him all your life
Maitha: what do you want me to do
Muna: just be normal like before.. its better having him like a real cousin where you laugh and talk together than a enemy
Maitha: its hard I cant
Muna: I thought you said you were over him
Maitha: ... I am
Muna: then it shouldnt be hard.. believe me Maitho just be normal and everything will be alright

I entered the bathroom.. it was time for me to remove the plaster of my cheeks.
I touched the plaster and stopped. I wonder how Ill look like once its gone. Will I be the old me? or will I look different.
I stared at myself in the mirror, I could see me in one side.. but what about the other.
Enough Muna ! Just remove it.
.. and I did, slowly in order not to hurt my self I removed it.
The only thing I did when I removed it is place my hand on my mouth to hold my gasp.
Yes .. I did not see me anymore.
It was someone else.. I dont know how to explain how my cheeks looked .. but they were definitely different.
Hmm .. a bit slimmer with some weird looking line. No not a line it was like my cheeks were two layers so it looked like a line separating them. It somehow changed the whole side of my face. No I did not look uglier but ... I looked weird.

Silently I left the bathroom.
Hanouf: Omg Muna!
Maitha turned around to look at me.
I smiled an unpleasant smile.. him and even the smile seemed weird.
Hanouf: you .. you look ..
Maitha: different
Muna: I know
Hanouf: omg smile again!
Muna: why?
Hanouf: just smile
... I smiled
Maitha: aaaah your smile got better
Muna: really
Hanouf: yeah its saw cute!
Muna: well I only look good when I smile
Hanouf: no you dont you still look pretty mashallah!

... 8 am in the morning.

I got in my tracksuit, made sure my ipod is charged and tried waking up Maitho .
but ofcourse she didnt.

I left the house and started walking towards the beach. I dont think I was supposed to go alone because the maid followed me yeah lol. I reached somewhere by the beach and told the maid that she can go. She gave me her number and told me to call her when im done.

I walked abit more and found a lot of people already jogging. The weather wasnt bad, sunny but with a cold breeze. I kept my phone on shuffle and joined the joggers.
45 minutes would do.

10 minutes later .. I started to increase my speed. Lady GaGa's song got me excited I think.
I managed too find some people glaring at me .. I wasn't sure if it was because of my cheek.
BOOOOM. My ipod fell to the floor as my injured cheek hit some hard chest, I think It was because I was staring at the people on the left.
Muna ... touching my cheek: Ouch!!
the guy.. : im sorry .. really I am .. are you okay?
He bent down and got my ipod.
the guy: here .. *giving me my ipod*
Muna .. still touching my cheek I managed to see that he was Khalid. Yeah Khalid that tv presenter that Maitho and Hanouf are obsessed with.
Muna .. taking the ipod: its ok
Khalid: are you okay really . ( he stared at my cheek)
Muna: umm yeah yeah .. its ok but next time watch where your going
His expression changed.. Khalid: what? I was jogging normally it was you who wasn't looking straight
Muna: Oh really.. so you knew I was infront of you and I wasnt paying attention and you still bumped into me!?
Khalid: and you know you werent paying attention and you still blame me!
Muna: you know what ... whatever. Are they're any gentlemen here
Khalid: Im a gentleman whether you like it or not. I said sorry but it seems that people like you only want to fight.
Muna .. walking away: whatever.

I dont know why I started a fight with him. I mean he wasnt wrong and he apologized plus I wasnt concentrating.. but maybe because my cheeks hurt a lot I said what I said.
Ugh .. whatever. Wait till Maitha and Hanouf know what happened they'll die.



Running toward yousef.
Khalid: yasoooof.
Yousef : shu?
Khalid: I felt that thing again
Yousef : what thing?
Khalid: that feeling I got in Dubai Mall .. I got it now too.
Yousef: and...?
Khalid: it got me when I was talking to a girl
Yousef: what girl?
Khalid: i bumped into an arrogant girl.. anyways.. I got that feeling again only during my conversation with her.
Yousef: what are you trying to say?
Khalid: I dont know ..its just weird .. and..
Yousef: and what?
Khalid: she somehow looked familiar.. its like I've seen her somewhere .. and her cheeks looked weird.. like they were completely different
Yousef: hmmm .. im sure the feeling was just a coincidence, anyways lets go have breakfast im so hungry.



I came back to Hanouf's. I was very hungry and sleepy too. It was 9:30 and the maid was preparing the breakfast. I poured some tea for me and rushed upstairs.

Muna .. opening the curtains and lights: wake up I said!!
Muna: I bumped into Khalid your obsession.
... just as I thought they opened their eyes
Maitha: Khalid elmthee3!?
Muna : yeah
Hanouf: omg wain kaif
... I told them the story.
Hanouf.. throwing a pillow at me: How dare you talk to him like this!
Another pillow from Maitha: Why didnt you wake me up!?
Muna: Oh really .. I even splashed water on you ..
Maitha: i will regret this day forever

Muna: now stop thinking about him and get your asses of the bed!


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Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 3

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 3


It was one long weird day!
I managed to meet all my family as they gathered to see us.

My first uncle (Bo M7mmd) .. had only his eldest daughter Maha which was 23, and the twins Maitha&M7mmd 17 years old

Then it was my other Uncle (Bo 3bdullah) .. his eldest 3bdulla was 24 .. then hanoof 18 and then fahad 13 ... ( His wife Om Abdullah is Saudi)

that was it.
I headed to bed straight away .. as we had to go to the farm very early in the morning and have breakfast there.

- in the morning.

I was surprised as I entered the farm. Hearing it was a farm I thought it would be like the farms we see in movies where the farmers and all that was there... but infact it was really different. It looked luxurious in an old design way .. really massive. First there was this huge green garden then the huge one floor villa and at the back was a big land of only sand, located next to it was a garage filled with buggies, motorcycles and all that. On another end was a place filled with animals then there was an indoor outdoor pool... and other very small houses located everywhere.

We all went in the main farm house. I followed Maitha and Hanoof to one of the rooms. I was in my track suit .. however they took off their abayas wearing Jalabiyas and then they took this long wgaya (laisaw) and covered their hair with it and then we headed out.

The adults had already organised the open table in the middle of the garden with breakfast. The first thing I spotted was balalee6 .. my favourite dish since I was small.

Maitha : ome ...!

Om Mohd: ha ?

Maitha: aba aseer eldkan

Om Mohd: 7g shu b3d? w mnu baywadeech?

Maitha: aba a5th a'3ra'9 7g 3gb ... b5ali 7amood ywadena

Om Mohd: mashay .. b3dain 7amood ragd

Maitha : yalla 3ad please.. enzain bnseer ro7na

Om 3bdullah: wain ro7km b3d... tb'3on hal hnood yz5onkm w yshrdon feekm

Maitha : enzain b5ali eldraiwal ywadeena

Om Mohd: la2 y3ni la2 .. 5ali raju yseer eyblch elly tbainh

Maitha : eeehee ... hanoofo nshe 5al nseer neels hnak .. yalla Muna

we stood up and headed to the back area of the farm where it was plain sand.

Maitha : bnseer eldkan

Muna : but your mom said no

Maitha : whatever .. we'll go alone

Hanoof : bldaraja?

Maitha : yeah

we took out two darajaat

Muna : i dont know how to ride these

Maitha : its ok .. ylsee waray

Muna: are you sure its ok to do this?

Maitha : yeah whatever its not the first time.

It was my second day here and I was already doing things im not supposed to. Actually I dont remember doing things without the approval of both my parents. However, I felt like I should go for it.

Maitha w hanoof tlathimaw with the wgaya and sat on the darajat with their jalabyat but they had saraweel so nothing showed from their legs. I must admit they looked funny a bit but furthermore I looked even odd between them with my track suit.

Muna : maitha are you sure you know how to ride this well... because the Dr. said im not supposed to be riding those things.

Maitha from under her wgaya : dont worry im a daraja ranger !!

We left the farm secretly from that back gate and on to the cracked route between all the other farms. A few minutes and we were right infront of the grocery shop. A bunch of "just became teens" kids were there messing about with the shopkeeper. Maitha entered the dkan and got us all sorts of junk things while those little teenagers were making fun of the was she was dressed. Ofcourse Maitha had to answer them back.

Back in the daraja.

Maitha : shu raykm nseer ymeen .. just to see whats there.

Hanouf: la maitho mafeena .. 5al nrd elmazra3a a7sn!

Muna : yeah maitha !

Maitha : please please.. bs lafa! *puppy eyes*

Hanouf: Fine!

We turned right, not knowing where our destination was. Suddenly it seemed as if we were at some other farm. We realized that when we heard some guys voice.

Maitha : shit! wain el6al3a.. wain hanouf!?

Muna : madri she disappeared !

Maitha : maybe she left.. I found the way out.

And out we went.

Still inside the farm

Hanouf to herself: 5sch allah ya maitho!!!

One man: e7m lo sma7ti..?

Hanouf: ohh! umm.. na3am?

The man looking at her from up to down: umm 5air b'3aity shay

Hanouf lowered the wgaya that was covering half her face when she realized his looks: umm.. wain hnee?

The man with a raised eyebrow: wain hnee?

Hanouf: wain ana?

The man: enty fe mzra3at Al - xxx

Hanouf : ohhh umm ana m'3al6a .. ehehe ana at7ara ha 6reej mazr3tna .. ehehehee

The man without a smile: ok .. hnee el6al3a .. ( as he pointed backwards)

Hanouf: o-okay .. asfa wayed.

Hanouf left the mazra3a with a red face and drove the daraja back to the dkan where maitha and muna were.

Hanouf: wallah wallah wallah b2dbch maitho .. trayay enty bs!

Maitha: walla im sorry.. you suddenly disappeared.

Hanouf: no i didnt .. you told me to keep going straight!!
Muna : i think you guys should quarrel back at the farm.. because im sure they realized our absence!

Maitha : oh shit yalla!

Hanouf: la t7awleen tit'haribain maitho.. ana ma5la9t mnch.

- Back at the farm

M7mmd (maithas twin): mashallah mashallah mashallah.. wain knto??

Maitha : umm kna hnee 9ob elbab nl3ab fl daraja

M7mmd: w mashallah halchyas mn wain ?

Maitha : ufff.. enzain srna eldkan

M7mmd: w akeed mom doesnt know

Maitha : walla bs 5 dgayg ma 6awalna

Mohd: achoof shu shtraito?

Maitha: la2! ha 7gna bs!

Mohd: ok ana bseer a5abr mama

Maitha : ufff enzain 5ala9

We headed back in the house.. fortunately no one realized our absence. We sat by the living room watching tv while Hanouf was telling us what happened earlier at the farm.

Maitha turning on the volume of the tv: OMG OMG ... Khalid the cutie!

Hanouf: ahhhh! wayed 7lo

I realised they were talking about the tv presenter...

Muna: he is not that cute

Maitha : omg he is so so cute!!

Hanouf: but why wasnt he presenting last week.

Maitha : I heard he was somewhere in the UK

Hanouf : ohhh

Maha (maitha's big sis) : T3alo bara3 ... 3bdullah yayb 7lwa 3maneya tjanin .. w kl 7d yals hnak.

I realized Maitha's face changed while hanouf looked at her.

Hanouf : ok we are coming... yalla maitho nseer

Maitha : maba ento seero

Muna: laish? whats going on

Maitha : its a long stupid story.

Hanouf: can i tell her?

* flashback *

3bdullah was sitting alone at the dining room in grandpa's house.

Maitha came in : Halla 3bood sh7alk?

3bdullah: hallah walla ... b5air enty?

Maitha : im good... ummm

3bdullah : shu feech?

Maitha: I wanna tell you something

Abdullah: Ok gooli

Maitha : ummmm .... ana ..ana

Abdullah : enti shu?

Maitha : ana ... ana a7bk wayed!

Abdullah Cracked up laughing .. while Maitha was staring at him with astonishment.

Maitha: shu feee

Abdullah was still laughing... : ahahah .. maitha i love you too

Maitha : you do !?

Abdullah: ofcourse as a little sister

Maitha: No!.. i dont love you this way

Abdullah .. realizing Maitha was serious: Maitha.. you are still young you shouldnt be thinking about love.. and concentrate on your studies.

Maitha: you mean if I finish school .. you will consider my love to you

Abdullah: *sigh* .. I mean .. I appreciate that you have a "crush" on me.. but I've always seen you as a younger sister like Hanouf and I dont think ill be able to change that.

Maitha trying to stop her tears: BUT IVE BEEN LOVING YOU SINCE I WAS 9!!

Abdullah: Maitha calm down.. its normal for you to have a crush on someone at your age .. even I did ... but when you grow up you'll take this seriously and you'll be loving someone else for real

Maitha already in tears: its not a crush its love ! stop saying that im small... age is never considered when it comes to love!

Mohd came in : shu mstwi.. maitha why are you crying?

Maitha left the place runing.

Abdullah : nothing.. i was telling her a sad story that I just read in the newspaper .. and you know your sister when she starts talking about injustice.. she has to cry.

Mohd didnt seem to believe but he didnt say anything.

*flashback end*

a couple of tears escaped Maitha's eyes.

Muna : omg.. thats so ...

Maitha : whatever..

Muna : ok why are you crying now.. its ok if he rejected you .. im sure their others dying for you.

Maitha: its not about that.. im actually over him

Hanoof looked at me and gave me a " shes not " look

Maitha : its just that .. I was so dumb I kept trying to convince him to consider my love .. I humiliated myself

Muna: its ok ... we all have those times sometimes when we forget about our pride.

Hanouf: wallah Maitho .. its not because he is my brother.. but 3abood galba 6ayeb and he didnt mean it .. its just that he never expected that you will love him this way .. you know especially because we've been raised together so he always so you as a sister. Anyways.. the world doesnt end here and just like Muna said .. there is someone out there that will be dying for you.

Muna: now lets go down and you Maitha forget about all that .. and stop showing him that your still in your misery. You should show him that your over him and thats by gowing down there.. smiling as if nothing has happened.


Grandpa: mashallah el3rayes yaw.. Muna t3ali ylsi hne (pointing at the chair next to him)

Hanouf: Ma3laih yadi .. al7een 3ndk Muna matb'3ani

Grandpa : la afaa .. enty el'3ala, bs b3d Muna twha yaya w lazm ndl3ha shway

Bo 3bdullah : Um 3bdullah.. ha wldch thab7ni yba y3rs.. dawrelh 7rma

Om 3bdullah: la thb7ni ana b3d.. 7dwrlk enshallah

3bdullah : haih ome ma awa9eech .. nfs elmwa9afat elly gltlch

Om Mohd: haih etha 3la elmwa9afat .. wla bt79lk w7da.. hal ayam ya wldee etha 7a9alt lk w7da bnt nas w mtrabya e7md allah.

Om 3bdullah: 9a7 kalamch wallah

Grandpa: wsh7aga edawroon .. mashallah 3ndna bdal elbnt thalath.. Maha w Maitha w Muna

Om Omar: la la 3ami ana bnte b3dha 9'3eera 3al zawaj

Grandpa: waydee wain 9'3eera .. bs halsna w btit5araj enshallah .. enzain Maha wla Maitha

Bo 3bdullah: wallah wln3m feehm bnat e5ooy

3bdullah: mafe a7sn mnhm yadi Maitho w Maha 7sbat 5wati w Maha b3dmashallah twa 5a6benha w b3dha ma galat lo haih wla la2

Grandpa: enzain wld 3amha awla

Om Mohd: ha 3bdullah mra59 bnt 3mk wla tbaha?

3bdullah: wallah kaifha he

Maha (knew about her sisters crush towards 3bdullah so she would never accept 3bdullah) : la ana b3dni ma est5rt 3n elrayal .. w 7aram arf'9h etha zain .. b3dain ana w 3bdullah b3d mthl eltaw2am wain en3rs b3d

Grandpa: eeeeh.

Om 3bdullah : a9lan ma bnro7 b3eed .. bna5thla mn elahal

3bdullah: elwalda ma awa9eech aba w7da mthlch mn mzayeen Najd. ( Najd is where his mom comes from)

Throughout the whole conversation I kept looking at Maitha and all I can see was a girl with her head down and no facial expression.


Sorry for the mistakes .. didnt proofread



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Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 2

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 2

Here you go girls (L)



It was the day. The unwanted day. We all had our bags and belongings ready. Since we've been living here, we had a lot of things so most of them were to be sent later but other stuff will remain as this house will still be our vacation house.
I've spent the last couple of days with my friends. I didnt even miss a minute. Today is like the millionth time tears escape my eyes. My brother Omar and my family are really excited but why am I not!?
Mom : Mona 7beebti .. we'll be living in a few minutes.
Our Neighbourhood friends were gathered to say goodbye and some were even crying.



I woke up today feeling quite tired. I headed to my lecture at 12 and now im heading to work. I have got a two hour show to present and I wasnt in the mood at all.
Okay let me introduce myself.
My name is Khalid im 20 years old studying Media and at the same time a tv presenter ( Muthee3). Yes im the one they call hot and famous. Im a good looking guy, tanned colored, normal thick black hair, dark brown na3sa eyes , l7ya 3al 5feef , a long syoofi nose, and yeah im one of those who have a million dollar smile with a deep dimple on my left cheek in addition ;p.
I've got broad shoulders, im tall and with a fit body.
They call me player although im totally not, or atleast not anymore. I thought being a tv producer would actually be 3adi and I didnt know that rumors would come out from people I dont know and whom live in a completely different country. Once I started being so I began to take caution in a very step I take.

Jamal : yalla ya khalid danta mt2a5ar .. el3ard 7aybda2 b3d shway ( he is saying ur late )
Khalid : Ok yalla.

I began the show with Meera my tv show companion ( the girl that presents the show with him.)
-Break -
Meera : Khalid are you okay?
Khalid : yeah
Meera : you dont seem okay.. your not presenting as you usually do
Jamal ( the director ) : Malak ya khalid?
Khalid : ymkn shway t3ban
Meera : lo mayait elyom chan a7snlk
Khalid : la 3adi ... ill manage.

I didnt know what was wrong with me. My mind was at a place and I was at another.



Dubai airport

As soon as I left the airplane the butterflies gathered in my stomache. Two local guys passed by us wearing tight polo shirts and had their hair in a spiky way. I was surprised to see that there are emaratiees like that. Another local family that were with us in the airplane seemed way different then I expected them to be. Some of the girls didnt have all their hair covered.
I started seeing more of the 'unexpected' locals at the airport. Why did mom tell me that they are very religious?
A woman with full makeup that I have never seen before passed by. Somehow I was disappointed.

Dad: Sit down here ill get the bags.
Me and mom sat at those corner chairs. A guy standing infront of us talking on the phone was staring at me in a weird way. Whats wrong why is he looking at me like that? Is it because of that cover on my cheeks?

We stood up to go to dad and he was still there looking at me. We passed by him and were about to leave that area. I turned my face back and saw that this guy was still looking at me and still at his same position.
Mona : 3mar...
Omar : yes mona?
Mona : is there something weird about me?
Omar : what? no..

Ahhh Weird!



Thankgod the show ended.
Khalid : ill leave now I cant stay some more.
Meera : yes ok .. matshoof shar
Khalid : elshar ma eyeech ... bye.

Trrn Trrn..
Khalid : aloo
Yousef : Khalood!
Khalid : bsm allah blak?
Yousef : the girl!
Khaled : what girl?
Yousef: the Whales girl!
Khaled : whats wrong with her?
Yousef: I saw her!
Khaled : listen yasouf abdan mb mtfayej lk la tels titsa5af.
Yousef : im serious khalood I was at the airport waiting for 5ali Jasim and I saw her.
Khalid: elbnt in Whales shu baybha hne?
Yousef : Madri maybe shes a local
Khalid : yousef shu local enta b3d .. she was in Whales, she doesnt look like a local, and she was riding a bicycle plus we didnt even see her face well to recognize her.
Yousef : am sure its her she even had a large plaster on her cheek.
Khalid : 9adgni its not her.. shu baybha hay hnee. allah y3lm a9lan if shes alive or not. She was is a bad situation she should still be at the hospital.
Yousef: ahh madri wallah.. elmhm ana b5aleek al7een .. btseer elmelas elyom?
Khalid : la wayd t3ban
Yousef : ok .. yalla 3yl fman allah.

Could it really be her? Well, even if it was her how am i supposed to see her!
After what happened in Whales I feel so guilty. I was supposed to stay with the girl, so what if I miss the airplane!
and before that London! Seeing Shaikha there wasnt easy as for once she was the love of my life and then Reem uff this stalker!
Then comes work and university rumors! By everyday my fame is increasing and being surrounded by such people its not helping me at all. Sheikha left me because of those rumors. Well I be able to actually get in a relationship with no restrictions? With a girl that has a different way in thinking?



We headed straight to my grandpas house. As we didnt have a house yet so we will be staying at his place for a while. I was gazing at the window looking at all the places we passed by. Afterall Dubai is pretty. We reached Sharjah where my grandpa's house was. Then dad told the driver ( grandpas driver) to stop at any restaurant because Omar was hungry!
We stopped by McDonalds. Then we continued or way to Grandpas house.

We reached a huge villa that was beige coloured going inside the place I found that the villa is really nice with a huge garden. The car stopped and we stepped out of it.
I followed my mom by the door which was already open as the maids gathered to carry the belongings.

An old man with a white softly wrinkled face on a wheelchair appeared infront of us. Obviously it was grandpa. Mom lowered herself to greet him and as I stood there waiting for my turn I managed to see someone appearing behind him. It was the only one I seemed to recognize quite well ... Maitha.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 1


( i know i promised an epilogue but i have no ideas for it )

Here is my new story and it is WAY DIFFERENT then the previous one.

The story is based on real life matters that joins too people who were raised in different societies.

Its fate that got us here - Part 1


I woke up remembering what has happened this month. The worst month. Dad had transferred all his work back in the UAE so yes we are going back. Living 16 years in Whales and now having to head back to my "country" is too much. How am i supposed to leave those amazing friends which happen to be my family the ones that I've been raised with. How is it back there? I heard the schools are very strict and life is boring there.

I was born in Dubai but at that time my family were there for only a vacation. 4 years later we spent another vacation there one that i dont remember a thing from. then when i was 11 I went there again. I remember that I have a lot of cousins but I can only remember Maitha basically cause she was my age and we used to play together.

The door swung open and the doctor came.
Dr.Nicholas: Good morning Mona .. How are you today?
Mona: Im fine.
Dr. Nicholas: I just saw your mom and she kept asking me about you she loves you so much.
Mona with a smile : I know.
Dr. Nicholas : Well it seems that you can leave tonight but take care of your self and make some regular check ups even when your back to your home country
Mona: I will

In came dad with mom who looked tired (as she hasnt slept and she had transferred some blood to me) and Omar ( my little brother ).
Dad : Doctor can she leave now?
Dr. Nicholas : Yes but please come with me I need to assign some medicine for her.

Omar: Mona I have good news!
Mona : what?
Omar: Dad registered us in a mix school so we wont be apart and i dont have to be stuck with boys only.
Mona : There are mix schools there?
Mom : Yes. But only a few and mainly the students in them are from all over the world so dont worry you will be able to cope with them.
Mona : Thats not it mom. How can I leave my friends our neighbours our family here our home our school our everything.!?
Mom : what can we do darling its the only choice and we will be coming here frequently.
Mona : Ahh!

I started thinking about wednesdays accident. Who was the person that saved my life. I was about to die. I was riding my bicycle heading to the public library when I fell of somehow in the construction area ( there was a new building under construction and I was right next to it) I fell on the tools and I fainted. My dad said that when I was brought to the hospital I was bleeding way too much and the doctor said that if that person got me in a few minutes later I may have been under a serious situation. All thanks to god ofcourse that I managed to survive but with a lot of injuries and after having an operation for one side of my cheeks that was damaged.

One of the nurses said that that a man brought me in and left running. She said he seemed in a rush.

What sadens me the most is that I cant even thank him especially that im leaving in a week so there is no chance of me seeing him.

I left my bed and headed to the mirror. One side of we was normal and the other was covered with thick white plasters. I wonder how it will look after I remove the cover. The rest of my body was filled with scars and bruises that the doctor said should disappear in a week or two.

Im an average girl not too pretty and not ugly. 161 cm and 50 is my weight. Not so white and not so tanned. My nose is short but pointy, my eyes are big with thick eyelashes. They are hazel colored with a little twinkle that would show everytime I was sad. My lips are not so big and not so small but round. I would get fully red if someone flattered me. My hair is dark brown that reached a little above half my back and my eyebrows were thick but perfectly shaped.

Now all you would see was a hopeless looking girl that had half her face covered and with more than a twinkle in her eyes. Thinking again about the UAE and seeing my hair I wondered how people would react back there seeing that I dont cover my hair. They seem really religious. Although all my friends have got boyfriends or girlfriends I dont simply because I know that muslims shouldnt have or atleast thats what I thought. I am very innocent but thats how life is down here. No worries, cheerfull , down to earth people.

Mom : Yalla 7abebti .. We are leaving.


Youssef : Balak sar7an?
Khalid : Mashay.
Youssef: are you thinking about what happened?
Khalid : Yeah
Youssef : 5la9 ya wild elnas entaha elmaw'9oo3 w e7na sawaina elly 3laina w el7mdela.

Picking our luggage we left the airport.
I went back home, spent some time with my mother and my family , had my nap and called youssef again to come pick me up so we can go to meelas elrab3.

Youssef : Yalla ana 3nd elbab.

at the meelas.

Jasim : Ha .. 5ala9to hyata fe landan ?
Youssef : haih walla asmeehm elbanat hnak '3air. khalood ma 5la w7da fe 7alha
Khalid : la teels t5r6 enzain.
Youssef : Haih wallah w chaf Reemo hnak ahaha tamat etla7gh
hamad : ahahaha hay warak warak ma btwadrk shaklha
Jasim : blah elshaiba sar7an?
Youssef : Akeed F Reemoo
Hamad + Jasim : Ahahahaa
Khalid throwing the tissue box on them. He hated when they start joking around about him and Reem.

The only thing that was important now is her. Is she alright? Did she survive?
Too bad I wont be able too see her again.


What do you think?