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Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 5(a)

Its Fate That Got Us Here - Part 5(a)

New SHORT post. Just to get to the next part i had to write this.
Gonna post the next part very soon maybe tomorrow or the day after.


I needed to go back to my parents. it just hit me that ever since we came back I spent no time with them, and right now I really needed my mom. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror I die a little inside. Looking in the mirror and seeing a part that isn't you .. freaky enough.

Hanouf: wait. at least have dinner with us.
Muna: I really can't I'm sorry. We'll meet up some time soon. After all I'm only at grandpa's.
Hanouf: ok fine *hugs her*


Um Omar: Muna!!
Muna: heeyy.
Um Omar: you.. you removed it already! you look different sweety. umm...
I started tearing up. i don't know why.
Um omar .. hugging her daughter: ohhh my little girl.. why are you crying? its okay.
Muna: ....
Um Omar: come on. you look just fine its not that bad trust me. does it hurt?
Muna: you're just saying that because you don't want me to feel bad.
Um Omar: No im not dear. How could you say that? I can promise you, you look just as good. And its only one part of your cheek.
Muna: Ouch! don't touch it.
Um Omar: oops sorry .. we need to make an appointment with a doctor asap.
Muna: I'm going upstairs.

I hurried up to my new room and covered up all the mirrors with newspaper. No.. i don't need to see myself like this anymore.

Omar: Muna! come down. dinner is ... omg muna
Muna: Stop it! I don't need you to tell me I look different. its pretty obvious I know i look different.
Omar: gosh chill! i was gonna say its not as bad as we thought it would be. whats wrong with you? I'm gonna tell mom you're giving me attitude.
Muna: ugh.

Following day..

I woke up feeling extremely hungry. Right after omar left my room yesterday I slept like a little baby.

Bu Omar: Good morning sweety
Muna: Good morning dad and grandpa .. where's mom?
Bu Omar: she went to the Mall with omar to get some stuff for him. He told me to tell you he wants you to take his wii from your bag.
Muna: ohh ..
Grandpa: come dear have some breakfast.
Bu Omar: how are you feeling today? your mom told me you're becoming really sensitive about your cheek and its just fine .. right dad?
Grandpa: yeah. you look just as pretty hun.
Bu Omar: you need to get over it sweety. its not the end of the world
Muna .. sitting at the table: I'm gonna get there dad don't worry.

Dads phone ringing.

Muna: who is it?
Bu Omar: I don't know lemme see. aloo. w3laikm elsalam. haih ana raylha ...........

I saw my dads eyes open widely and the phone slowly slipping away.

grandpa: whats going on?
Bu Omar .. in a calm voice: I need to leave.
Muna: leave where?
Bu Omar .. in a loud voice: Muna! I'm not in the mood right now.
Muna: DAD! tell me whats wrong.

a tear escaped dads eyes.

Bu Omar: your mom made an accident. They're at the hospital now.
Muna: WHAT? what do you mean? are they ok!?
Bu Omar .. grabbing his car key: I don't know!!!
Muna: I'm coming with you.

During the ride. I was very optimistic that they were fine. its most probably just a slight accident. Mom has been through one once before and nothing bad really happened. But dad was the total opposite and that was making me really worried.

By the time we reached the hospital. I saw the nurse covering my moms face. MY MOMS FACE. What does that mean? huh? There's no way my mom is leaving me now!

Muna: MOOOOOOOOM!! No mom! no you aren't leaving me not yet. no no no. mama I'm muna can you hear me? come on lets go home please.
Nurse: sweety ..
Muna: NO! Mom answer me come on? stop ignoring me!!!! you know I hate it when you do that. yalla lets go mom. Dad tell her we need to go home.

I turned around to dad who was by the door standing like a statue with fixed eyes on mom. he didn't say a word nor did he react. He was just standing there trying to absorb what had just happened.

It was then when I realized Omar on the next bed right next to mom. Covered as well!
I wiped my tears and walked to him.
Muna: 3amooor ! 3amoor c'mon wake up. did you finish buying stuff from the mall? answer me!! you said you wanted to play wii right. come on lets go home. I promise ill play with you for as long as you want. yalla ANSWER ME!! PLEASE JUST SAY ONE WORD.

Nurse: sweety you can't do this to yourself. They won't answer you you know that.
Muna ... crying: SHUT UP! you think they won't answer me but they will OKAY? they will...... Om-Omar was excited for starting school here and he will go to school. do you understand!?
*pulling omars hand* come on lets go Omar! LETS GO!!!!

Thats when my dad came closer and parted me from Omar's hand.
Bu Omar: STOP IT!!!
Tears started drifting from his eyes.
Muna: NOOO they're coming with us home. right dad? right they will come?

He ignored me and walked to mom. He kissed her on the forehead and started whispering something to her ear.
A couple of minutes later my uncle arrived and he pulled us both out of the room.


I hate killing people :( but i had to
wait for the next part .. i promise it'll be interesting.



  1. WOOW !! You are reallyy tallented, mashallah
    I felt like I was standing in that hospital watching what was happening to Muna
    If I wasn't 3alia then I would have cried <//3
    Don't ever stop writing and always embrace your abilities *HUG*

    Lots of Love

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